Friday, 24 June 2016

Today we launch Somerset Catch The Bus Campaign . The aim of the Somerset 'Catch The Bus Campaign' is to promote the use of existing bus services across the county.

The Somerset Catch The Bus Campaign Blog has been set up by Somerset Bus User Groups including Frome and Villages Bus User Group (FAVBUG) and Rode's Save the 267 Bus to encourage the greater use of existing bus services.

Buses are a life line for the young, the old, the infirm and those who simply can’t afford to own and run a car. Bus services across Somerset have been cut and more are under threat. Increasing the number of people who travel on our bus services is one way of ensuring their continuation. 

Somerset Catch The Bus Campaign is part of a national Catch The Bus Week organised by Greener Journeys on 4th - 10th July. It aims to increase awareness of the benefits of bus travel and encourage people who don’t usually think of catching the bus to leave their cars at home and give it a try. This event is backed by many of the major national bus operators who want to encourage more passengers onto their buses. 

We will be organising events in Somerset to support Catch The Bus Week and we are in touch with the local bus operators about this.  We would like as many people across Somerset to use the bus whenever you can during Catch The Bus Week ( July 4th - 11th). Maybe by using the bus more it will become habit .. We need as many people as possible to get involved with our campaign.

We will be challenging County Councillors and MPs to use the bus whenever you can during Catch The Bus Week. 

Buses are part of the remit of Somerset County Council hence we are inviting all our County Councillors to support our campaign and use the bus whenever they can, especially during Catch The Bus Week (4th to 11 July).
County Councillors who take up the challenge will be highlighted on this map  below. Click on the map to see if your councillor has shown their support

Does your Somerset councillor support local buses?
This map will also be published online via Somerset Catch The Bus Campaign Blog and through Facebook and Twitter too. We hope it will gain wide media coverage (radio, TV, newspaper) thereby further encouraging much greater use of buses in Somerset..

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