Friday, 28 October 2016

Fare changes in Bath

From 30 October 2016 the following tickets will be changing:

Single Tickets in Bath Outer Zone

The on-bus price of single tickets in the Bath Outer Zone will be increasing. If your journey is over three miles you may find it more convenient and it will also save you money if your journey is further than six miles, to purchase your ticket as a set of 10 Single Journeys on the mTicket app.  
AdultStudent/16-21 Years OldChild
Up to three milesfrom £1.70from £1.20from 90p
Three to six milesfrom £2.70from £1.90from £1.40
Six to nine milesfrom £4from £2.80from £2
Nine to Twelve miles from £5from £3.50from £2.50
Over twelve miles from £6from 4.20from £3

Bath Outer Zone 10 Journey Ticket 

The price of 10 single journey tickets will be increasing both on-bus and on our mTickets app.
AdultStudent/16-21 Years OldChild
10 Single Journey on-bus£30£21£15
10 single journey mTicket£27£18.90£13.50

Night ticket

Allows unlimited travel after 7pm until 4.29am the following morning in your chosen area.
AdultStudent/16-21 Years OldChild
Bath Inner Zone£3£2 £1.50
New Bath Outer Zone£5£3.20£2.50

Group Day Ticket

This ticket will replace the Family Day Ticket and allows unlimited travel in your chosen area for up to 5 people after 9.30am Monday to Friday, all day Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. There are no age restrictions so up to 5 adults can travel together in a group.
Group (5 people)
Bath Inner Zone£8
Bath Outer Zone£13

Week Ticket

This ticket allows unlimited travel within the chosen area for 7 consecutive days. The on-bus price of all Inner Zone week tickets will increase and the on-bus price of the Child Outer Zone ticket has been rounded up.
AdultStudent/16-21 Years OldChild
Bath Inner Zone on-bus£18.50£13£9.20
Bath Inner Zone mTicket or Touch Card£17£12£8.50
Bath Outer Zone on-bus£23.80£16.70£12
Bath Outer Zone mTicket or Touch Card£22£15.40£11
All other fares in Bath Inner and Outer Zone remain unchanged

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