Tuesday, 24 April 2018

267 will be changing to D2 From 29/ 4/18

The 267 will be changing its number from the 29/4/18 to D2. The D2 is part of 3 buses that will make up the new Discover bus fleet. The D2 will have FREE  Wi Fi  & usb charging points + contactless payments. 

The D2 will be running 1/2 hourly  in both directions to take in Frome Sainsbury's. The D2 will be omitting Frome hospital from the new route. Going around the hospitals car park was never ideal for a bus as they used to get stuck behind a parked car or worse stuck in a grass verge, The closest stops to Frome Hospital will be at Berkley road or  Fromefield. The new route is as follows bellow 

Bus 1 will do the following route 
B3090, Bath Road, Fromefield, Frome Market place, Bath Street, Christchurch Street  West, Broadway, Oakfield Road, Chritchill road, Marston Lane, Masons Way, Frome Sainsbury's, Marston Road The Butts, Bath Street Frome Market Place, Berkley Road, Clink road, Brunel Way, Frome sports, Frome College, B3090

Bus 2 will do the following route half an hour later 
B3090 Frome College, Frome sports Centre, Brunel way, Clink Road, Berkley Road, Frome Market place Bath Street, The Butts, Marston Road, Frome Sainsbury's, Masons Way, Marston Lane, Chritchill road, Oakfield Road, Broadway, Christchurch Street West, Bath Street Frome Market place, Fromefield, Bath Road, B3090 

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