Sunday, 5 September 2021

Libra travel has a new website

 After issues with their previous website supplier Libra travel have announced that they have a new website

Saturday, 28 August 2021

Changes to bus pass rules from 6th September 2021

 SCC have announced that their bus pass rules will be changing on the 6th September which means No FREE travel before 0930 

Thursday, 26 August 2021

Faresaver timetable changes from.30th August 2021

From 30th August changes are being made to the X34, 77 and 68/69 service. These changes are being made to accommodate the earlier start time of John O'Gaunt School in Trowbridge from next week. Updated timetables can be found on the following link and will also be available on bus from next Tuesday.

Please check timetables fully as changes of up to 5 minutes on trips before 0900 and after 1500 may occur.

A Sunday service will operate on Bank Holiday Monday on the x31, 270 and 273 services. No other services will operate.

The last day our 'Kids go free' offer will be in place is Tuesday 31st August.

Friday, 16 July 2021

Facemask changes after 19th July 2021

From the 19th July face masks will no longer be mandatory on buses see  below for each operators requirements

Libra Travel 184 

Lifting of Covid restrictions….. we respectfully request that while travelling on the 184 bus service. That you continue to use face coverings for the time you are on the bus. This is to protect our more vulnerable and elderly passengers. 

Many thanks for your continued support and understanding

Faresaver buses 

From Monday the wearing of a face covering is still mandatory on all home to school transport unless you have a medical exemption. 

We also strongly recommend that face coverings are worn on scheduled services for the comfort of other passengers. 

We are continuing to provide hand sanitiser and ask that passengers leave windows open to improve ventilation. We also recommend that passengers pay using contactless methods or using mobile ticketing where available.

We thank you for your ongoing co-operation and support.

Frome bus 

We are asking all passengers to continue the wearing of face coverings unless they are medically exempt.

First bus 

We are following government guidance and recommend all customers wear a face mask whilst on board. The government now "expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport."

Thursday, 27 May 2021

D2 timetable changing 29th August 2021

The D2 timetable will be changing from the 29th August. A small number of off-peak journeys will additionally serve Rode, which will provide off-peak leisure and retail journey opportunities to and from Bath.

These minor changes are introduced through working in partnership with Somerset County Council

Friday, 12 June 2020

Coronavirus service update week commencing 25th October 2021

The D2 will be operating in both directions along the Critchil estate ( no longer serving the Butts) 

For latest time table use the link below

Frome Bus
Normal service
30 Frome Town service 
31A Packsaddle and Stonebridge( Please note that as of Monday 19th October 2020 the 31A 1440 journey will now commence at 1410.)
31B Spring Gardens and Whatcombe
47 Frome - Dilton Marsh - Westbury
53 Frome - Warminster
x53 Frome - Warminster school service  
162 Frome - Kinney - Leigh - Stoke - Doulting - Shepton
414/424 Frome - Midsomer Norton 
x69 Frome - Beckington - Bradford On Avon - Melksham
81 Gillingham - Maiden Bradley - Horningsham - Frome ( Thursday only )
x81 Frome - Westbury and Trowbridge ( Thursday only)
67/ 234 Frome - Trowbridge

For timetable details visit

Faresaver Buses
x34 Normal service ( Timetable change 30th August 2021) 
x67 Discontinued
To view timetables visit

Libra Travel
184 normal service
To view timetables visit

Saturday, 23 May 2020

How to help to keep bus travel safe

Your bus operators are asking you to try to do the following to keep bus travel safe

Take a window seat ( First bus & Faresaver buses)
Avoid standing and leave a space in front and behind you  ( Faresaver buses)
Wait for passengers to get off before you board ( First bus & Faresaver buses)
Do not stand or queue in the aisle next to the bus driver ( Faresaver buses)
Wear a face covering unless exempt due to health reasons or a child ( mandatory on all buses after 15th June )
Try to travel during off peak hours to avoid busy hours ( First bus)
Keep Windows open to help with ventilation( First bus)
Be prepared to wait if your bus is showing full even if it appears to have space ( First bus)
Use contactless payment where possible. If you need to use cash pay with exact change ( First bus & Faresaver buses)
Maintain a distance of 2 metres whilst waiting at bus stops( First bus )

ALL operators will have LESS CAPACITY due to new social DISTANCING rules