Thursday, 6 May 2021


From Monday 10th may until Friday 21st may. The road between Stratton on the fosse and Holcombe will be closed….Therefore the 184 WILL NOT be able to serve Stratton in. Both directions during this time… we will be operating a diversion from the White post roundabout through Charlton direct to Holcombe. Normal timetable applies but please allow a few extra mins due to diversion. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause

Friday, 5 March 2021

Update on bus pass use from the 8th March

 From the 8th March Wiltshire will be reverting back to no passes before 9.30. Somerset and BANES are still allowing pass use before 9.30 

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

New rules on bus pass use to help get people to vaccination centres

The following Counties / Authorities are  lifting the restrictions on bus pass use  to make it easier for people to access vaccination centres . You can now use your pass at any time (ie before 0930 to 2300 Monday to Friday and you can already use them any time at weekends) 

Monday 25th January - West of England Combined Authority

Wednesday 27th January - Somerset County Council 

You are allowed to travel to get your vaccine and for other essential reasons - Please remember to social distance on the service(s) you are taking and to wear a face covering! Also remember that you don't need to contact the NHS to receive your jab

Friday, 12 June 2020

Coronavirus service update week commencing 10th May 2021

The D2 will be operating in both directions along the Critchil estate ( no longer serving the Butts) 

( D2s School service will return on the 8th March ) 

Face coverings are mandatory to be worn inside the bus station unless exempt. Face coverings should cover your nose and mouth

For latest time table use the link below

Frome Bus
Normal service
30 Frome Town service Saturdays. ( Normal service for Monday  - Friday  returns on the 12th OCTOBER ) 
31A Packsaddle and Stonebridge( Please note that as of Monday 19th October 2020 the 31A 1440 journey will now commence at 1410.)
31B Spring Gardens and Whatcombe
47 Frome - Dilton Marsh - Westbury
53 Frome - Warminster
x53 Frome - Warminster school service  ( normal service returns 1st September)
162 Frome - Kinney - Leigh - Stoke - Doulting - Shepton
414/424 Frome - Midsomer Norton (normal service returns 1st September)
x69 Frome - Beckington - Bradford On Avon - Melksham
81 Gillingham - Maiden Bradley - Horningsham - Frome ( Thursday only )
x81 Frome - Westbury and Trowbridge ( Thursday only)
67/ 234 Frome - Trowbridge

For timetable details visit

Faresaver Buses
x34 Normal service ( timetable change 1st September ) 
x67 Discontinued
To view timetables visit

Libra Travel
184 normal service

Thursday, 4 June 2020

New rules on face mask use from 15th June

Face coverings will be mandatory from 15th June on public transport England
passengers can be fined if they do not cover face on public transport
Face covering exemption for children and disabled people

Saturday, 23 May 2020

How to help to keep bus travel safe

Your bus operators are asking you to try to do the following to keep bus travel safe

Take a window seat ( First bus & Faresaver buses)
Avoid standing and leave a space in front and behind you  ( Faresaver buses)
Wait for passengers to get off before you board ( First bus & Faresaver buses)
Do not stand or queue in the aisle next to the bus driver ( Faresaver buses)
Wear a face covering unless exempt due to health reasons or a child ( mandatory on all buses after 15th June )
Try to travel during off peak hours to avoid busy hours ( First bus)
Keep Windows open to help with ventilation( First bus)
Be prepared to wait if your bus is showing full even if it appears to have space ( First bus)
Use contactless payment where possible. If you need to use cash pay with exact change ( First bus & Faresaver buses)
Maintain a distance of 2 metres whilst waiting at bus stops( First bus )

ALL operators will have LESS CAPACITY due to new social DISTANCING rules

Sunday, 1 March 2020

West of England zone fares and tickets from 21st July 2019

The West of England zone allows travel on all First West of England bus services, which includes travel to Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and the Mendips, all on one ticket.

Single tickets
The cost of a single tickets when boarding within the West of England zone is based on the route distance you travel:

Up three miles
Adult                          from £2.50 ( Frome price £1.50)
16-21 year old / student     from £1.80 ( Frome price £1.10)
Child aged 5-15        from £1.30 (Frome price 80p)
(Frome fare is available anywhere between Sainsbury's Frome and Oldford)

Three to six miles
Adult                                    from £3.50
16-21 year old/student     from £2.50
Child aged 5-15                 from  £1.80

Six to nine miles
Adult                                   from £4.50
16-21 year old/ student    from £3.20
Child aged 5-15                  from £2.30

Nine to twelve miles
Adult                                   from £5.50
16-21 year old/from         from £3.90
Child aged 5-15                 from £2.80

Over twelve miles
Adult                                   from £6.50
16-21 year old/student     from £4.50
Child aged 5-15                  from £3.30

Single mTicket exclusive
A single journey anywhere in the West of England zone available on the mTicket app. Valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
Adult                                    £3.85
16-21 year old/student.    £ 2.70
Child aged 5-15                  £1.95

Single pack of 5
Five single journey tickets to go anywhere in the West of England zone whenever you like.  Valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
Adult                              £19.25  (just £3.85 per journey)
16-21 year old/student £13.50 (just £2.70 per journey)
Child aged 5-15          £9.75 (just £1.95 per journey)

West of England Day
Go anywhere in the West of England zone as often as you like for one day
                                               before               from
                                            You board          the driver
Adult                                       £6.60                     £7
16 -21 year old/ student       £4.60               £4.90
Child aged 5-15                      £3.30               £3.50
Group                                       £13.20             £14
( Up to five people. After 9.30am Mon -Fri and all day Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) Not available to purchase from PayPoint or Payzone

West of England Night
Go anywhere in the West of England zone,as often as you like,between 7pm and 7am!(only available to but from the driver 7pm - 4.29am)

                                            before         from
                                            You board   the driver
Adult                                    £5.30             £5.50
16-21 year old/student     £3.70             £3.80
Child aged 5-15                  £2.65             £2.80

West of England Week
Go anywhere in the West of England zone as often as you like for seven consecutive days.
                                             before            from
                                             You board    the driver
Adult                                        £24.20              £26
16-21 year old/student          £16.95             £18.20
Child aged 5-15                       £12.10             £13

West of England Month
Go anywhere in the West of England zone as often asyou like for a whole month,e.g. If a ticket is bought on the 10th of a month it will expire on the 9th of the following month.
Adult                                         £88
16-21 year old/student          £61.60
Child aged 5-15                       £44

West of England Unlimited
Our best value monthly ticket. Receive your ticket via our mTicket app every month and pay by direct debit. Sign up at www.first
Adult                         £83.60

West of England Year
Go anywhere in the West of England zone as often as you like for a whole year.
Adult                                           £924
16-21 year old/from                 £647
Child aged 5-15                          £462