Thursday 4 January 2024

Sign Sarah Dyke MPs petition to save vital bus services

 Sarah Dyke the liberal democrat MP has been working hard to protect our buses services 🤗🤗  

Now with two of our local serves under threat 🥹 she has decided to produce a public petition to help save the 58/58a and the 54. As well as the evening D2 

Every name counts! 🙏🏻🤗💐

Sunday 27 August 2023


The new Faresaver x34 timetable is now available:

The x34 timetable doesn't include the information that you can also use Faresaver's 67 service departing: Trowbridge Manver Street at 1800 which also goes to Rode (on request - drop off only), Beckington and Frome (ending in Frome Market Place). X34 tickets are accepted on this 67 service.

The x34 timetable is in operation from Monday 4 September.


First Bus have published their new D2 / D2x timetable which starts from Sunday September 3. I ( We have set up this link as some people can't access the First Bus timetable link below)

We fed back your feedback to First Bus on the current timetable and some of the improvements have been included in the new timetable. However, bus timetables are incredibly complicated as they interwork with other bus driver duties, bus driver breaks etc. So First Bus can’t accommodate all the improvements you wanted.

Please do let us know your thoughts on the new D2 / D2x bus timetable. We think it’s an improvement on the current timetable.

The best way of getting an even better bus service is by using it more!

Wednesday 31 May 2023

FREE bus travel on the D2/D2x on the 1st June

 Travel for free on the D2 or D2x on the 1st June just hope on and ride. Try to take the D2x at busier times as it's a double decker so will have more seats. Hopefully all of the buses will be busier than usual and we can convert some car users to use the bus for good. 

Thursday 18 May 2023

Good news for bus users the £2 fare has been extended until October

The £2 bus fare cap has been extended until the end of October. With additional funding announced to support bus services in England. From he 1st November fares will go up to £2.50 for 12 months before being reviewed to help with the cost of living