Saturday, 15 September 2018

SCC plan to make huge cuts to transport

As shown in the link, transport cuts are stated as inevitable under "removal of services".
We really need to let people know and help them realise that they must get involved with both the petition and consultation.
If people loose public transport they will loose the ability to access support networks, services appointments, work and equally provide support.
Even if you do not feel this is relevant to you, this will affect wider communities so shares incredibly helpful. On our pages, in community groups etc.
A HUGE Thank you.
MELISSA 😊 on behalf of EGOB
With cuts to transport pending, we ask you all to share our petition and of course get involved in the transport consultation which closes on the 23rd of September.
If possible, please share in community groups and/or tag public transport users and supporters.
We need to hand this petition in at the next full County Council meeting.
We have a little over 2000 signatures altogether presently. 😊
Many thanks. EGOB
Petition link here:…/takeaction/994/018/947/

If SCC cuts go ahead Frome could possibly lose any bus service that SCC deem not to be commercially viable. At present Frome only has 3 commercially operated bus services to Bath & Chippenham / Trowbridge the rest could be lost if these cuts go ahead