Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Villagers will be hit the hardest if the evening 267 is cut
For villagers that don't drive this service is a lifeline to get around. They need the evening 267

To get to Work ...
To take College / university courses
To visit loved ones in the Ruh
For college students to meet up socially
To visit family / friends
To do late night shopping

Villagers don't have the option of travelling by train. For villagers who don't drive the 267 is their only way to get around

CUTS TO BUS SERVICES AFFECT LIVES save the 267 evening bus

The 267 bus connects Frome and its surrounding villages to the city of Bath, a major hospital along with the university of Bath.

This is how the loss of this vital evening service will affect it's users lives

MR RUSSBRIDGE from Frome, His wife has been in the Royal United Hospital Bath for the past 5 months. He regularly visits her in the evenings so needs the 2110 bus to get back to Frome. Without the 267 bus service, it would be very difficult for him to go and see his wife in hospital in the evenings

Evening visiting times at the Ruh are from 5pm until 8pm.For those that work and can't drive if the 267 is cut they won't be able to visit a loved one.

PAMELA , recently moved to Frome after her relationship ended. She is currently living with her brother. After 3 months of being unemployed she has found a job as a receptionist in Bath. Her normal working hours are 9 - 5.30 with the exception of Tuesdays when they want her to work until 7.30 meaning she would have to catch the 2110 bus home. Pamela doesn't drive and can't afford to learn. If the 267 is cut she would end up back on the dole. She told me she couldn't face more months of filling out on line forms for jobs.

KIRSTY from Frome Works in retail in Bath. Her hours are between 8am and 8pm. She works until 8pm at least 2 to 3 times a month. She doesn't drive and her family can't help her out if the evening 267 is cut. If she caught the train she would also have to use a taxi to get home as she lives on the Stonebridge estate in Frome.

OSCAR From Norton St Philip, Works in retail at M&S. His hours are 12 - 8 Monday to Friday . Oscar doesn't drive. His parents can't help him to get home as they work in Frome at night. If the 267 is cut Oscar loses his job. Oscar said that the 267 also gives him freedom to go out of an evening

NIGEL from Frome, Nigel is a self employed massage therapist who has been regularly using the 267 weekday evening services for the past 2 years. Nigel works at all different times of the day and especially in the evenings. 75% of his business comes from clients in Bath so the ending of the evening 267 would be hugely damaging to his livelihood

BETHANY from Woolverton has worked at Sainsbury's in Bath for the past 3 years. Bethany says " I would be lost with out the 267 evening service in the week as I don't know how I could get home from work".

DAN Works at a food processing plant in Frome and commutes from Bristol. Dan often has to work late and regularly takes the 2000 Frome to Bath bus to get home. Dan's  boss  plans to operate the factory 24/ 7 in the near future.   Dan says " No 267 evening services during the week would limit my hours and make me a lot less flexible. This is not a good time to say to my employer , I' m going to be a lot less flexible from now on."

Lizzie from Beckington, Works in a café in Bath. Usually works 9 to 5 but increasingly has to work until 9pm. Her boss is looking to keep the café open later so Lizzie may in the future have to do more 9pm shifts. Her parents wouldn't be able to help her out if the 267 is cut. Lizzie can't afford to run a car on her wages. If the 267 is cut, Lizzie thinks she would be out of a job if she had to say to her boss that she couldn't do flexible hours.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Lives in Midford " I have to go to London once every week and need the 267 evening service to get me back to my village. There's no other affordable way.

JENNIFER from Norton ST Philip is a Bath university student who works part time for M&S. Being a university student plus having a part time job means Jennifer travels regularly using the 2110 midweek evening 267 bus. Jennifer says " If there is no evening 267, it would mean that I would have to move from my home to continue studying.

ENGINEERING STUDENT at Bath College who lives in Frome. " I have been attending Bath College and an now in my third year studying electrical engineering. Twice a week I attend evening classes. Without the 267 service, I couldn't get back to Frome from Bath. If the midweek evening service ends in April I wouldn't be able to finish my course.

SHANNON, A hairdressing student at Bath college. Shannon lives in Frome She catches the 2110 every week as her course requires her to be there  late into the evening. Shannon is about to complete her 3rd and final year of her hairdressing course. Shannon's end of year exams are in July, 3 months after the 267 could be cut. Shannon says " if the 267 evening service ended, she would be forced to drop out of her college course." Shannon would have to pay to re take her exams if she was lucky enough to get onto another course at a different college. Shannon said that probably wouldn't happen as she couldn't afford to take another year and she was fed up of learning. Shannon may of wasted 3 years of her life trying to better her job opportunities for nothing.

ASHLIEGH and HARRIET both live in Frome and are doing a hairdressing course at Bath College. Ashleigh and Harriet are both 2nd year hair dressing students. " Without the midweek 267 evening service we'd be stuck in Frome unable to get to our evening classes in Bath. " Ashleigh and Harriet are also about to take end of year exams in June or July 2 - 3 months after the 267 may be cut.

STUDENT AT BATH COLLEGE," Most people on the 2110 from Bath are students or nurses, not people coming back from a night out"

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Traffic accident near Bath bus station

Fatal RTA causes delays to all First bus services today. The 267 should hopefully not be affected as it departs from the Westbury depot but may be delayed after reaching Bath. Please check First buses website before you travel  use the link provided for updates on affected services https://www.firstgroup.com/bristol-bath-and-west/news-and-service-updates/current-issues/lower-bristol-road-incident

Thursday, 5 January 2017

New bus service to Frome medical practice

Residents feared how they would be able to access a Gp after the closure of the Locks Hill surgery.
Residents who used the Locks Hill surgery were told that they would have to use the Frome medical practice on the other side of town. For those that don't drive they feared that they would have to use expensive taxis to access Frome Medical Practice .

Andy Young who owns Frome Minibuses has stepped into help by re routing his 30 service to stop close to the Frome Medical Practice.

The service runs every thirty minutes and includes stops at Keyford, The Mount, Locks Hill and the Market Place. New Timetable can be found here http://s101282612.websitehome.co.uk/frome/