Wednesday, 26 July 2017

I am all for supporting bus operators spotted this post on Faresavers Facebook page

We are pleased to announce that we will be the title sponsor of the 2017 Chippenham Carnival taking place at Monkton Island on 12th August 2017. This will be our first venture working in conjunction with Chippenham Connected who are organising the carnival after a gap of 16 years. We are excited to see how much work and planning are going into the event, there will be action on the day from 12:00 midday to 8pm.
We will be displaying one of our modern environmentally friendly, accessible buses along with meeting the public and distributing local transport information. As well as meeting our regular passengers, we also hope to meet local residents that haven’t been on a bus in 16 years. Come and meet us and see what we have to offer, we think you may be pleasantly surprised!

If you are in the area or fancy a day out why not take the x34 across to  show your support

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Road works on B3090 Bath road out of Frome 12 - 25 July

Expect delays to all bus services that travel through that area. Please be patient with your driver as the situation is beyond their control and they are doing their best to get you to your destination. If you have an appointment I would advise you to travel on an earlier bus to be on the safe side

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Acess to public transport can aid in the recovery of mental illness

Mental illness is the largest single cause of disability in the UK. The economic and social costs in England are estimated at around £105 billion a year’1

Mental health is beyond doubt one of the most important issues of our times and successive governments have made clear statements of commitment to tackling the problems that poor mental health engenders both in individuals’ lives and in society as a whole. There has been an increased drive to improve social inclusion for those whose illness can so easily create barriers between them and their community. Given that public transport plays such a significant role in social inclusion it is surprising to find very little research about the relationship between good access to public transport and good mental health. Public transport is not, for example, generally recognised as being an integral part of a person’s ability to recover from a mental health crisis.  But have we overlooked its importance for too long?  Just how vital a part does it play and what barriers do those with less visible disabilities such as a mental illness experience?  This report seeks to address that deficit and examine both the importance of public transport and its accessibility. Drawn from the direct experience of sufferers from across the country it provides a compelling insight into this important subject.

Importance of Public Transport

The evidence produced from this survey speaks loud and clear.  It tells us that access to public transport is a key determinant in a person’s chances of achieving maximum recovery and being part of their community. 83% of respondents said it was ‘very important’ to their mental health.  It has the potential to ‘liberate’ a person from the downward spiral of poor mental health, social isolation, poor life opportunities and to engage them with education, cultural opportunities, voluntary employment and paid employment.  Respondents tell us that such opportunities are crucial to their ultimate recovery and without being able to access public transport they simply cannot achieve it.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Frome could lose its evening bus service to and from Bath after Frome Town Council does not extend subsidy. Read the full story here

My favourite part of being a bus campaigner running our bus stall, its a great way to engage with bus users. We had a good day giving out lots of timetables and information as part of Catch The Bus Week 2017. Even had time for a few photo's


Several bus users on Saturday asked if the 162 Frome to Shepton bus is going to be cut.

I can confirm after talking to Frome minibuses that the 162 is NOT going to be cut. I was told by Frome minibuses that the 162 is going from strength to strength. The 162 operates 2 hourly Monday to Friday only. Hope this puts that rumour to bed.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

As part of catch a bus week we will be having another bus stall this Saturday.
We will be outside Nationwide from 8.30 until 12.30 giving out timetables & info. See Below a sample of some of the timetables that we will be giving out