Friday, 26 August 2016

Frome and Villagers Bus User Group called an emergency meeting on Tuesday 23 August this week to discuss this crisis facing Frome bus users.

It was attended by 15 Councillors including Somerset County and Mendip District Councillor, Linda Oliver, Mendip District Councillors, Damon Hooton and Adam Boyden, BaNES Councillor Neil Butters along with Frome Town Councillors and parish Councillors from Rode, Norton and Hinton Charterhouse (all these are villages are on the 267 route) and the FAVBUG Committee (including Tracey Harding, Lucy Travis and Peter Travis).

Thank you to The George Hotel in Frome Market Place for the meeting room.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Swathing cuts to buses across Somerset

Last minute timetable changes to the 178 Radstock to Bristol service show that B&NES are making swathing cuts to evening and weekend buses. Are any buses that they fund safe

Late changes confirmed to the 178 RADSTOCK - BRISTOL service from the 4th September.
Its been confirmed today, that the journeys operating on a Sunday and Public Holiday will now be withdrawn meaning that Service 178 will only operate Monday to Saturday.
The 23:20 journey that also was going to operate with financial support from Bath and North East Somerset, has been withdrawn.
Journeys on a Sunday, can only operate under financial support from the local authority, wh...o have pulled out at the last minute.
This means that the information booklet printed by the bus company is INCORRECT!!!

Lights out for nights out

Another bitter blow for Frome and the surrounding villages after B&NES announced their proposal to cut the funding to the 267 evening service. B&NES are proposing to cut the funding to all 5 of the 267 buses which they fund. If the proposed cuts go ahead bus users will no longer be able to catch a bus after 8pm and will result in the loss of Frome's only evening  bus. To read about the consultation and to air your views use the link provided…/your-council-and-…/consultations

Monday, 22 August 2016


Now A Threat To Our Evening 267 Bath Bus
“The Council is considering changes to supported bus services to be implemented from May 2017.”
In that short sentence Bath and North East Somerset Council (BaNES) has raised the spectre of their axe falling on the evening services from 8pm from Bath to Frome for the 267 bus services This would mean a loss of 5 buses on the route
In the current era of austerity, County Councils are having to make big cuts to their budgets. Bus subsidies is one area that is being very hard hit. Hefty cuts have already been made to Somerset’s already modest bus subsidy budget, Wiltshire is in the process of making cuts too and now BaNES is embarking on a review of bus subsidies to see where cuts can be made from May 2017.
For many years BaNES has subsidised the 267 Bath to Frome evening services. Somerset stopped subsidising the 267 route in 2011. Bus services that straddle two or more counties are always more prone to bus cuts. Also a new West of England Mayor who would have great transport powers (and thus money) is likely to be established in 2017 which would cover the areas of: Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Most of the 267 route would fall outside the West of England area.
To read about the consultation click on this link :…/your-council-and-…/consultations
Why does BaNES subsidise a route that mainly serves people who live in Somerset and not in BaNES?
Because the 267 brings a lot of business to Bath’s nighttime economy, hence the 267 is good for Bath businesses!
We have a meeting on Tuesday night and will post a further update after that about planned action and what you can do.
If you are from the press we will make contact with you the end of this week so please don't jump the gun and feature this news yet.
Lucy Travis and Tracey Harding
Frome and Villagers Bus User Group

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Pick up your guide NOW  which will explain all of the forthcoming changes to bus services in and around Bath from 4/ 9/16. I picked my copy up on the 267 bus so other  First buses may also be carrying them or you can find copies at the bus stations

Monday, 15 August 2016

x67 and x34 new bus timetables for the 4th September 2016

Timetables are available to view now at
Printed versions will be available on bus and at various outlets including Tourist Information and Town Councils later this month

Links to changes happening to First West of England buses from the 4th september 2016

Bus services across the West of England are changing on the 4 September (WS). To view the new timetables visit
For information on what's changing in Bristol visit:…/significant-bus-service-change…
For information on what's changing in Bath visit:…/bath-city-bus-network-redesign…
For information on what's changing in Shepton Mallet, Glastonbury, and Wells visit:…/buses-running-throughout-mendi…
For information on what's changing in North Somerset visit:…/bus-services-north-somerset-be

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Chnanges to the x34 and x67 from 4th September 2016

Timetables available to view at
X34 - Chippenham - Melksham - Trowbridge - Frome
Revised timings on the current 0645 ex Chippenham and 0806 ex Frome with additional trips departing Trowbridge to Chippenham at 0906 and from Chippenham to Trowbridge at 1830....
X67 - Bath - Frome
Minor timing changes on the 0700 & 0900 ex Frome Critchill Road and the 0810 ex Bath by up to 10 minutes to improve punctuality

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bus driver gets a parking ticket for parking at Ambory bus stand this is so wrong and unjust

Monday, 1 August 2016

CHANGES to the RUH bus service from the 4th september 2016

The number 14 Weston and Odd Down bus via the RUH will be changing it's number from 14 to 4 from the 4th September. The frequency and  route will not be affected by the change.
Further details / press release from First over the next few days; this early alert is published with their kind permission

Changes to Bus Services in Bath.
BATH BUS CHANGES IN THE CITY FROM SEPTEMBER 2016 •1 - Operating from Bath Bus Station to Kingsway
•2 – Operating from Bath Bus Station to Combe Down
•3 – Operating from Foxhill to Batheaston via Bus Station
•4 – Operating from Kingsway to Bathampton has been withdrawn by the operator
•5 – Operating from Bath Bus Station to Twerton
•6 – Operating from Bath Bus Station To Fairfield Park
•6A – Operating from Bath Bus Station to Fairfield Park via Larkhall
•7 – Operating from Bath Bus Station to Larkhall
•8 – Operating from Bath Bus Station to Lower Weston and Kingsway
There will also be Country Changes to the following services
•37 – No longer operating via Kelston or Bitton, only on One journey in the AM and PM operating under 37A for the school run. New route will operate via Keynsham following the same route up to the Keynsham High Street
•38 – Operating on a hourly Basis Monday to Saturday, with the loss of Evening and Public Holiday services. Route remains the same, frequency changes
•39 – Operating every 30 minutes in the evening, along with an increased Sunday service operating every 20 minutes
•X39 – Operating 12 – 15 minutes between Bath and Bristol Bus Station. No Sunday journeys however all journeys will have additional journey time for evening services
Midsomer Norton & Peasedown St John area; Service changes
•175 – SOMERBUS route will be withdrawn and replaced by a First Group Service operating to a similar timetable between 6am – 6pm
•NEW: 171 – Operating between Bath City Center to Peasedown St John Circle Bath Hospital leaving Bath at 00:35 minutes past each hour, for the most of the day, last journey at 17:40 to Peasedown St John, First will not operate the morning journeys to/from Midsomer Norton or to Clutton due to other services operating along this corridor
•NEW: 172 – Operating from Bath Bus Station to Paulton via Radstock and Midsomer Norton with the occasional journeys operating to/from Wells specially early mornings and evenings. Following the withdrawal of the 178 the following journeys have been re-timed to’ 22:10 now operates at 22:05, the 23:10 now operates at 22:55 and the 23:55 now operates at 23:50 from Dorchester Street. Passengers are advised to check before traveling; The 21:30 to Bristol Bus Station operating as a 178 will be replaced by a 172 at 21:05
•173 – No Changes to route or frequency, however timetables have been changed and passengers are recommended to view before travelling
•174 – No changes to frequency, however the route will now serve Midsomer Norton Library before doing a loop of the high street. One bus every 60 minutes to/from Wells, along with additional journeys in the evening.
•179 – Changes in September see the evening services at 20:50, 23:00 withdrawn due to low passenger usage. The frequency will be reduced due to the service being re-routed through Farrington Gurney.
•178 – Operating between Bath and Bristol via Radstock and Midsomer Norton this service due to poor performance will be withdrawn and replaced by 172 services. However it will operate a revised 178 service between Radstock Victoria Hall and Bristol Bus Station, not operating via TESCO. The frequency will be hourly and operated by Bristol Depot. Please note the 23:10 from Bristol to Bath, will now only operate as far as Radstock Victoria Hall.
•379 – Bristol to Bath Via Pensford. Due to poor performance and reliability issues, this service has been withdrawn from September 4th 2016.
Passengers are advised to check timetables before travelling, they can be found via the Traveline SW website under a search for “First Bristol Bath and West”