Saturday, 5 October 2019

Frome Independent Market

If you are visiting the Frome Independent Market today Sunday 6 October why not go via the First Bus D2 bus. The route is slightly amended and drops you off and picks you up in central Frome at Cork Street car park.You can travel anywhere in Frome to Cork Street for £1.50 (single) There are discounted fares for students and for 16-21 year olds paying only £1.10 and under 16's will have to pay only 80p.

The times of the bus may be slightly later than per the Sunday timetable. The D2 timetable can be accessed here:

Or perhaps you are looking to come to The Frome Independent by car. Why don't you try the park and ride out? You can park in one of the dedicated parking areas on the outskirts of Frome and get a bus into town. For more information:

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

First Bus launch new Frome town fare

From the 29th September, the First Bus's D2/D2a (who run the Bath to Frome yellow / brown bus 7 days a week (plus evenings) are trialing a new town fare in Frome.

You will be able to travel anywhere within the town boundary (Oldford to Sainburys Frome) for just £1.50 adult single. There are discounted fares for students and for 16-21 year olds paying only £1.10 and under 16's will have to pay only 80p.

For those who aren't familiar with the route through Frome a map is displayed in the graphics below. t
To find out more visit

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Frome Cheese Show

Are you heading to the Frome Cheese Show this Saturday 14 September? Why not leave the car at home so you can enjoy a beer / cider or two and get a free shuttle service run by Berrys Coaches to the Frome Cheese Show.
The Frome shuttle services are not timetabled but run all day between 08:45 and 17:00 from the following points;
The Old Showfield at Rodden Road
Market Place Bus Stop
Sainsbury’s Bus Stop
Train Station
Badcox (Bus stop opposite The Artisan Pub)

Monday, 2 September 2019

Timetable to change for Frome Bus x53 from 30/9/2019

Advance notice that the Frome Bus 53 from Frome to Warminster will change on the 30th September. We will publish a timetable link when nearer the time.

Sunday, 1 September 2019


The First Bus D2 bus’s timetable is changed from today with the aim of improving its punctuality – you have probably seen the D2 buses around, it is a distinctive yellow and brown. This runs from around 6am to 6pm Monday to Saturday (starting around 7am on Saturday) and also a Sunday service from Frome Sainsbury’s to Bath.

There are two different routes around Frome via Clink and via Critchill. To make these clearer for customers, buses will now operate as the service D2 going via Clink in a clockwise direction and D2A via Critchill in an anti-clockwise direction (see map in the picture below). So make sure you look out for the number on the front of the bus!

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 Map showing the difference between the D2 and D2A routes through Frome.

The bay where you get off / on at Bath Bus Station has changed - it's now Bay 8

There are no changes to the times or route of the Faresaver X67 Bath/Frome buses which runs Monday to Friday.Their timetable can be accessed here:

Timetable Change For Faresaver X34 Frome to Chippenham from 2/9/2019

There will be minor timetable changes to Faresaver's X34 from Monday 2nd September:
Adjustments will be up to 10 minutes, predominantly during the morning and afternoon peak period to improve punctuality due to worsening congestion in Trowbridge

The new timetable can be viewed here:


From September 1st there will be major changes to the service that First Bus provides from Bath Bus Station to the RUH.
If you travel by bus from Frome and villages (covered by the D2 or x67) to the Royal United Hospital in Bath using the First’s D2/D2A or Faresaver's X67 bus, you'll need to catch the connecting bus to the RUH from a different stop from 1st September 2019. Rather than the bus leaving from within the bus station, buses to the Royal United Hospital will leave from a stop just outside on Dorchester Street stop T.

You'll want either a First Bus 3A or a 4 headed for Weston. They will both depart from the same bus stop outside the bus station in Bath. Between the two, there will be a bus scheduled every 10 minutes. First Bus have made this change to help improve service reliability, and also to offer a direct service from more residential areas in Bath to the hospital without a change of vehicle.
As the bus services to the hospital will now run from Dorchester Street at stop T rather than the bus station, they will no longer be displayed on the "next departures" screen within the bus station.
Fares and fare options do not change with First Bus ‘day’ tickets being valid on both your D2/D2A bus into Bath Bus Station,(the bay where you get off /on the D2/D2A has changed - it's now Bay 8) and from there to the hospital too. Concessionary passes continue to be valid on all services mentioned after 09:30 (and time of day at the weekend)
Please note - if you are used to catching bus no. 4 from within the bus station to the RUH from bus stop 4, from September it will be the service 4 going in the other direction that calls at Bay 4 in the Bus Station in the future - still the number 4, but it would take you to Odd Down and not to the RUH.
You can get a £7 First Bus Day Rider ticket that allows you to go on the D2 / D2A to Bath bus station and then on 4 or 3A to the RUH.
So from September 1st your bus to the RUH (whether it’s the 4 or 3A (headed for RUH and Weston) will depart from outside the bus station on Dorchester Street on stop T

Monday, 15 July 2019

D2 half marathon route Sunday 21 July 2019

Sunday half marathon will affect the D2 bus route see below details of the alternative route

Towards Bath times from Frome market place

0834 - normal route

1030 and 1230 starts from Frome Hospital, no service to the Market place or Critchill. Bus will operate via Tesco, Forest Rd and Berkley Rd to join normal route via Stonebridge.

1430 and 1630 normal route

Towards Frome market place times from Bath bus station

0945 and 1145 - serve Stonebridge, Berkley Rd, Forest Rd, Tesco then terminating at the Hospital. No service to the Market place or Critchill.

Other services will run to normal route

Saturday, 22 June 2019

D2 route during the Frome Independent Market

Details for the D2 route during the Frome Independent Market can now be found on First Buses website

The Frome Independent Market takes place the first Sunday of the month
April, May,June,July,August, September,October,November and December

Road works along Critchill Road 24th - 29th June 2019

Water works are taking place on the 24th - 29th June along Critchill Road. The x67 and D2 will be affected by the works and will be diverting along Green Lane.

Details of both operators diversions can be found on their websites

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Road works affecting the D2 & x67 14th - 18th Jan 2019

Oakfield road will be closed next week from 14th - 18th Jan.  The road closure will  affect the D2 & x67 services the new routes will be as follows

From Critchill Rd we will turn right onto Oakfield Rd, left Domments Lane, Portland Road. At the end of Portland Rd we will turn right onto Broadway.

From Broadway we will turn left into Portland Rd, to Domments Lane. Then right onto Oakfield Rd then left into Critchill Rd.

x67 route 
We will follow diversion from first section of Oakfield Road (former Police Stn) then turning left into Nunney Road, right into Dommetts Lane, right into the bottom section of Oakfield Road before turning left into Critchill Road and back onto normal route.