Sunday, 31 January 2016

News from other campaign groups about more possible bus cuts

This comment was made by Transwilts campaigner Graham Ellis

I travelled from Wiltshire (Melksham) on the x34 and back yesterday for a meeting in Frome. Although headlined as a commercial service, parts of the route are subsidised by Wiltshire Council and there may be Somerset subsidy too on some elements.

In Wiltshire, some 44% of bus mileage is subsidised - a much higher percentage than in other counties around including Somerset (23%). One of the options offered on the consultation is to withdraw ALL funding in Wiltshire - the other five options (when added together) only just make the saving that Wiltshire Council is looking for. Yet there is scope within the savings needed to not merely cut but to look at the overall public transport needs of "Greater Wiltshire" - and in that I include the border country to Frome and into Bath and come up with something that really works - not just a system of leftovers which doesn't make a proper network and is likely to be cut further in the next round when it's proven not to save the anticipated money.

So - what can we do? Please take a look at where we have set out a community alternative that saves the money, yet provides a proper network suitable for the future. For sure, fewer buses on some routes / though some villages, but what's left after adjustment and pruning would be a bush ready to spring to life again, not one that's been hacked so that it withers and dies completely

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Sad farewell to Martin Abrams who is leaving Campaign for better transport for pastures new Favbug wish him well in his new venture

Friday, 22 January 2016

Option 24/7

Imagine a system where two buses an hour means a 30 minute interval. Where alternate buses take differing routes to eliminate the need for costly 'filler' routes. all tickets can be used via any reasonable route (bus or train), on any operator. Where buses connect with trains at the stations. Where you can find times and fares online. Where you get good notice of any changes, and don't face an annual review and cutbacks. And where you don't have to pay more in fares for the bus or taxes either.
It can be done ... using the model already used (for example) in London where passenger numbers have grown, and making use of recent government and Department for Transport inspired developments. Please take a look at

Friday, 15 January 2016

Possible double threat to 53 and 58 bus services

Scc pays a contribution of the funding for the 53 Frome to Warminster and 58 Frome to Westbury services, to Wiltshire County council who own the contract. With both councils looking to cut back on bus funding I urge 53 and 58 users to respond to Wiltshire's bus consultation as well as Scc's in order to save their bus. Direct link to the survey below

Saturday, 9 January 2016


To tell  Scc what you think of their proposed bus cuts direct link to the survey below
To obtain a hard paper copy for your friends or relatives who aren't online call this number 0300 123 2224
You have until 11/1 / 16 to respond to Scc's consultation.
To tell Wiltshire county councils what you think about their proposed bus cuts direct link to the survey below…
You have from 7/1/16 till 4/4/16

Monday, 4 January 2016

Great result for all bus users

This message was posted onto Favbugs Facebook page by Favbug committee member Peter Travis
Special congratulations to Favbug co founder and Frome bus campaigner Tracey Harding who has been named as a 'Woman of the Year' by the Frome Standard.

Also congratulations to all members of the Save the Rode 267 bus campaign which got 'Campaign of 2015' according to the Frome Standard. More information on their campaign visit its Facebook page: