Sunday, 19 April 2015

Good news for Somerset Crowd funding reached its target

Great news in just 29 days!
Now the Campaign for Better Transport who have backed our highly successful "DON'T CUT US OFF!" campaign across Somerset have reached the target they set to help us bring back our essential bus services across the County.
Now the campaign, led by Martin Abrams who attended last month's packed bus meeting in the Mendip Council Chamber in Shepton, will head to six key areas to give local groups workshops on the key, proven things we can do to save and expand our buses services. Now that the target has been achieved, Martin and his team will be able to go across the country to help save buses in the most badly affected areas of North Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Powys, Bolton, Hampshire and right here in Somerset.
The Campaign for Better Transport have a great track record of over 30 years of campaigning for better bus and train services in the UK and their inspiring workshops have helped save and bring back many bus routes across the UK.
Every pound of the £5046 raised will be kindly match-funded by the Foundation for Integrated Transport, so everything everyone has given will make double the difference to us here in Somerset!
Garfield Kennedy, one of the founders of the "Don't Cut Us Off!" campaign says: "Saving all our Saturday buses from the cuts that Somerset County Council were threatening us with, was just the start. The well-attended meeting in March in Shepton proved that we can't let the market towns and surrounding villages in Somerset be cut off at weekends, or in the mornings or evenings. It's a lack of imagination and a false economy to slash these essential services, and we intend to challenge the administration in County Hall who are letting down the old and young, and all those who either cannot use or choose not to use cars to get about.
Together with the Campaign for Better Transport and the Don't Cut Us Off! Campaign we are en route to making a real difference to public transport in our poorly served County!"

£5,046.25 raised of £5,000 target