Thursday, 28 August 2014

First Group have not restored services to Sainsbury's as promised. Will they ever?

First Groups's new timetables for 31st August onwards have not been published and, as we feared, there are no changes to the 267 service.

This means that First's assurance that the service would resume calling at the Sainsbury's end of Frome in 'August' has not materialised, and they have made no further statement as to whether this will ever happen.

This is bad news for passengers in Frome. Will First explain themselves?


  1. Understand First had operational issues which has delayed the return of the 267 routing through to Sainsbury's but that it will finally happen in November.

  2. Nice to hear from a fellow campaigner. Thanks for that Peter,we had been hearing that it was going to be reinstated in November as well. Looks like they are using the same old lame excuses as last time for not reinstating in August as originally planned.