Friday, 26 June 2015

How bus Cuts will affect ROGE VILLAGERS

Tomorrow could see the loss of a vital bus service in Somerset but local residents of Rode are fighting back.
Just wanted to thank everyone for sending in example of how Rode people and Rode connected people are affected by the withdrawal of the 267
Here are just a few... examples: 1/4 of staff at ChoconChoc (one of the main businesses in Rode) travel by the 267 including their Office Manager.
Two of Rode School teachers are also affected as use the bus too.
Children who go to school in Bath whose parents chose the school as there was bus service to Bath.
Commuters to Bath who may have to look for other jobs as have no alternative travel options e.g one car household / don't drive etc..
Also some people are also contemplating having to leave Rode village as they need a bus to get to Bath for family issues and the shops. Or people who can't drive due to ill health and need a bus..
People in Woolverton won't have safe bus service to use either as its impossible to cross the A36 especially if you are young and old.
Still on the look out for how people who are affected by the 267 bus withdrawal by First. Particularly on the look out still for people who go to the RUH or another hospital regularly so if you know anyone (appreciate most of the older generation aren't always on facebook).

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