Monday, 29 January 2018

Changes to Frome minibuses services 29th Jan 2018

Whats new? 29th January 2018:
As a result of changes to contracts administered by Wiltshire Council, the following services are changing:
Frome Local Service 30 has some minor changes.
Warminster Local Service 50 becomes 50 (journeys via Broadway) and 50A (journeys via Imber Road NAAFI). There is a completely new timetable.
Frome - Warminster 53 has a revised timetable. Journeys via Champanslade to Kingdown School are renumbered X53.
Warminster - Sutton Veny 54 will now mostly be provided by Beeline.
Warminster - The Deverills 57 is extended to Mere and will now be provided by Beeline.
Frome - Westbury 58, 58C & X58 is renumbered 47 & X47 and has a new timetable.
Westbury Local Services 58A, 58B and 58AB are renumbered 45A, 45B and 45 respectively. They also have new timetables.
Trowbridge Local Service 63 is new, providing five journeys to Victoria Road and St Thomas Road in place of Faresaver service 60 which will no longer service this area. One morning journey also starts from Steeple Ashton, replacing a service 77 journey.
Trowbridge Local Service 65 will now be provided by Faresaver on Monday to Friday, with Frome Minibuses providing a revised Saturday service as 65A which will also serve Studley Green (which is part of service 60 during the week).
Trowbridge Local Service 66 has a new timetable.
Trowbridge - North Bradley 67 has a new timetable with Saturday journeys as 67A also serving Wiltshire Drive and Holbrook Lane (which is part of service 60 during the week).
Trowbridge - Staverton 68 has a new timetable.
Trowbridge - Melksham - Corsham 68 / 69 has a new timetable. Most journeys continue to be provided by Faresaver with Frome Minibuses providing extra journeys at peak times.
Trowbridge - Devizes 76 / 77 / 85 / 87 / 87A / 877 will now mostly be provided by Libra Travel and Faresaver, aside from one afternoon peak journey from Trowbridge which will continue to be provided by Frome Minibuses.
Frome Local Service 412 is renumbered 31A on journeys via Packsaddle and Stonebridge or 31B on journeys via Lower Innox. One Saturday afternoon journey on service 30 will also serve Packsaddle.

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