Friday, 27 November 2015

Changes to the X34 from 7/ 12/ 15

Faresaver will be making slight changes to their X34 service on the 7th December the reasons for these changes are stated below.

The main issue we had was with the timing of the current 0802 departure from Frome as this had been getting to Frome about 0802-0805 and then having loaded was departing about 10 minutes late each day. This was then compounded further as on entering Trowbridge is was hitting the school/college traffic along the Frome Road. We have therefore retimed this trip to 0806 and given it more time along the whole route into Chippenham to reflect what it is currently achieving. In addition to this we have introduced an additional trip departing Frome at 0736 arriving in Trowbridge for 0806 for those who are finding that the following trip arrives too late into Trowbridge.


We have also removed the Medical Centre from the X34 to improve journey times and punctuality between Frome-Trowbridge. Since the X34 stopped going up to Sainsburys along The Butts the usage to the Medical Centre on the X34 has all but disappeared as people now catch the 267 instead. Those wishing to travel between the Market Place and Medical Centre are still able to catch the 267.

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