Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Film to save buses

Do you use local bus services? Do you or anyone you know have a story you could tell about why bus services are important to you? If so please get in touch before 18th December.

 The two areas we want to emphasise are:
1) Social need – would cuts to the buses have an impact on your quality of life? For example, would it make it harder to visit medical services or friends and family, to do your shopping and / or to access local facilities?
2) Economic – would bus cuts mean you weren’t able to access employment, education or training or mean that your staff, students or volunteers can’t get in easily?

The film will be used to lobby councillors and decision makers to continue their support for local services. The filming would take an hour or two at a time that suits you.



Anna Francis

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General: 01373 465757


Core working days: Tuesday - Friday

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